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Hair powder for women: a stunning solution in just 30 seconds that camouflages and adds density to thinning hair.

Easy to apply, this undetectable solution lasts all day and resists wind and rain.



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Frequently asked questions

Composed of natural keratin or cotton fibers, hair powder is a solution to effectively and simply camouflage a sparse scalp or scalp lacking density, light baldness, scars or patches in order to give volume and thickness on the area to be covered, for immediate results.

In Hair Plus hair powders you will find natural cotton fibers charged with negative static electricity to improve attraction with hair charged with positive electricity.

In Ecobell hair powders you will find pure natural keratin fibers that have undergone precision laser cutting.

Kmax hair powders consist of a 100% natural powder containing 99.5% keratin and 0.5% organic silica. The coloring comes from the natural color of the keratin, no pigments or dyes have been added.

If you suffer from loss of density or a slightly thinning scalp, hair powder can be effective in filling in irregularities in your scalp and adding volume and body to your hair.

Hair powder reacts to electrostatic phenomena to naturally attach itself to your hair. To apply it, simply sprinkle it gently on your head. You also have the option of using a spray applicator which allows you to spray the powder thoroughly, especially for the front edge and the sideburns.

Once the result is conclusive, to set the powder permanently it is essential to use a gas-free setting spray.

Application should be done on dry hair.

The hair powder is ultra strong, it intertwines with your hair and resists wind, rain and perspiration.

To prevent you from staining your clothes when applying the powder, we advise you to protect them with a towel.

Once applied, the hair powder has very good hold, even more so if you use the setting spray in addition. If used correctly it should not stain your clothes. However, we advise you to brush your hair well or even wash your head before going to bed to prevent it from getting on your sheets.