Men's hair powder

Hair powder for men: a stunning solution in just 30 seconds that camouflages and adds density to thinning hair.

Easy to apply, this undetectable solution lasts all day and resists wind and rain.



  • €1.00 - €84.00

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Frequently asked questions

Hair powder is ideal for men who are starting to bald or who wish to fill in sparse areas or even add more substance and volume.

Hair powder reacts to electrostatic phenomena to naturally attach itself to your hair.

The hair powder should be applied every day to clean, dry hair. We advise you to brush or wash your hair to remove the powder before going to bed.

To refill your bottle of hair powder, simply buy an empty bottle or reuse the bottle from a first purchase. To do this, unscrew it to fill it with the contents of your refill packet. The product is ready to use.

The powder is applied simply by sprinkling the product on your hair. Finish the application by spritzing with setting spray to maintain hair powder throughout the day. To facilitate application and for a more detailed finish, you can buy an applicator/spray which attaches directly to the bottle for more precise areas. Be careful to match the applicator to the same brand as the bottle.

To help you draw your frontal border we advise you to use the Hairline Optimizer . It allows you to obtain an optimal finish at the level of the frontal line.