Hats, Caps and Beanies for Men

Discover a complete range of beanies, caps and hats for men , specially designed to provide softness and protection, while camouflaging hair loss. Your hair has fallen out following chemotherapy and your scalp is weakened by the treatments.

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Frequently asked questions

Throughout your chemotherapy we advise you to wear suitable caps. They are made with materials designed to take care of your sensitized scalp and to address the problems you may encounter such as itching, heat or cold.

Yes, it is possible that you can benefit from Social Security coverage for your hats, caps and bonnets.

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37.5 technology offers you natural thermoregulation. It is made up of organic coconut fibers coupled with volcanic minerals. The technology will use the body's natural mechanisms to maintain an optimal temperature of 37.5° and a humidity level not exceeding 37.5%.

In summer, it is important to protect your scalp from UV rays, even more so if you are undergoing treatment. To make this possible, we advise you to opt for hats or caps with UFP50+ protection (information that you will find directly in the product sheet)

If you no longer have any hair at all and don't want to opt for a wig, you can very well choose a beanie, hat or cap . Depending on your desires.

Regarding the loss of hair and especially of the eyebrows which are a very important element in a face since they are what will give it all its expression, we advise you to turn to our sticker tattoos for eyebrows . They apply very easily and will last at least a day. It is a very good alternative to tattoo or makeup.