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Discover our range of clothing specially designed for men undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Find comfort, well-being, softness and style.




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Frequently asked questions

Our men's clothing is designed to improve your confidence and self-esteem. They are comfortable, stylish and high quality, providing a sense of well-being to everyone battling cancer.

Shirts : Collared shirts are a great option for men who have ongoing chemotherapy treatment, as they allow you to stay stylish while making care easier. The material of our shirts respects skin weakened by treatments. Move from the hospital to the office and reduce the constraints of treatment on your professional life.

Sleeves : Our sleeves specially designed to protect the catheter located in your upper arm while allowing you great freedom of movement. Our sleeves allow you to wear short sleeves again and can also protect a blood glucose sensor and/or an infusion catheter to prevent tube tearing and possible injuries.

T-shirt : With a snap button system, our T-shirts allow access for care while maximizing discretion and protecting your privacy during care.

Most of our clothes are made from 100% cotton and are washable at 30°C and should be dried naturally.